– Asia Chantelle Fogle–

[ A Love affair with Coffee ]



Who am i?

Hello, my name is Asia pronounced just like the continent.

You would be surprised at how many people

a.chop my name completely up

b. don't have a clue about the seven continents lol

I'm a 28-year-old mommy of two very active and busy girls Payden-6, Laila which will be three at the end of January & let's just say I'm thankful to be moving past those terrible two's. I'm from a very small town Orangeburg, SC where there currently isn't a Target or Starbucks so YES I'm currently dying to make a change of scenery soon. I'm currently in school pursuing my Bachelors in Business at Charleston Southern University- Go Bucs, I work full-time Monday -Friday as an Administrative Assistant and last summer my daughters created a business entitled Sister Sister Lemonade Stand that we have big plans for Spring/Summer 2018. 

I welcome you to my wonder, hectic, crazy life!  Enjoy


What is Dear Moms?

I started what I believed to be a great mom organization for my hometown and surrounding areas. Dear Moms is an organization designed to help mothers balance their everyday lives. Dear Moms was created for mothers by mothers like myself. I believe the best advice a mother can get is from a mother herself. Moms carry many titles and from time to time get so wrapped up in the many roles we play that we forget to be the main thing that matters and that is ourselves. With Dear Moms, I hope to bring mothers of all ages together in my home town and hopefully surrounding areas in Orangeburg County. With different events and discussions, I hope to bring mothers together so that we as women can encourage each other to be the best at motherhood but more important be the best woman we can be.


My Shift On Dear Moms For 2018

I got great feedback from local moms but soon realized that my vision & dream of having this amazing Mom Tribe just wasn't kicking. Throughout the first year of launching Dear Moms I slowly transitioned myself from Founder of Dear Moms (The Organization) to Asia the Blogger of Dear Moms. I felt like switching paths I can still complete my main mission which is to ,

"Help Mothers Balance Their Everyday Lives"

I hope you enjoy my wonderful blog. My goal for 2018 is to have THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE! From personal, professional, mom life, school life, relationship and etc.