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Mom Of The Month 


Raven was nominated by her good friend Heather Mitchell. When asked why your nominee should be Dear Moms Mom of the Month Heather responded Raven has always been the type of person who believes in the evolution of the black community. She founded The Melanin Mama Inc.

Setting Boundaries for Your Kids

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I have a six and three year old and to think how cruel the world can be is scary like seriously I want to lock them in the house until their 18+. Unfortunately I can’t but what I can & have done is educated them both on setting "Personal Boundaries & Rules."

Book Of The Month


Since February is the month of love & my relationships currently running on empty what better book to read then The 5 Love Languages. Learning about the different ways a person fills up on love is very important in order for a relationship to thrive and survive. 



Asia Chantelle Fogle


28 year old, mother of two girls, currently juggling life while riding on a unicycle.